Seven Questions to Ask a Long-Distance Moving Company Before Hiring Them

Seven Questions to Ask a Long-Distance Moving Company Before Hiring Them

Understandably, with the hectic stress of planning and getting ready for a long-distance move, some people overlook a crucially important part of the moving process. Asking questions!

Professionals at long-distance moving companies in Chicago emphasize that knowing what questions to ask is an essential part of planning. It’s a way to make sure the move is reliable, safe, secure, on budget, and hassle-free. Asking the right questions can also save money, catch potential scammers, and help choose the best company to do the job.

Long-distance moving companies in Chicago suggest even making an itemized check-list of 7 questions to ask, and writing down the answers that are given.

  1. Ask about the company. How long has it been in-business? How many employees?
  2. Will there be a detailed inspection, before submitting an estimate?
  3. Is the estimate a binding quote? And how does the company charge? By weight, hourly, or number of movers required?
  4. What does the estimate include and exclude? Long-distance moving companies in Chicago explain that moving contract estimates may not include everything. For example, the packing of mattresses, wrapping and protecting furniture, transportation, loading, and unloading services, and assembling and disassembling items is included. Some additional services are not. Like time-consuming additional packing of random loose items, shipping an automobile, moving or servicing any major appliances, and any storage or holding costs after the delivery.
  5. Are the movers/workers full-time or seasonal/temporary? Are they covered by the company’s insurance and by workers compensation?
  6. What are the policies if something is missing or damaged?
  7. What is not allowed? Some long-distance moving companies in Chicago don’t accept items like anything that is flammable and hazardous (poisons, scuba tanks, propane tanks, and aerosols), and perishables such as refrigerated foods. Also, long-distance moving companies in Chicago caution that sentimental and important belongings should not be included on a moving truck. These may include photo albums, cash, birth certificates or heirloom jewelry.

Long-distance moving companies in Chicago strongly recommend doing due diligence, looking into the mover’s credentials, asking for references, and checking online comments and reviews. Contact us for more information.

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