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Coming from a first generation immigrant family has showed me many ways of life. One of these ways was being taught to not waste anything and make the most use out of it. Whether it was growing up and reusing other people’s items that were bought at goodwill or storing items away until they were needed.Seeing how hard my parent’s worked to get these items for us has given me a much deeper appreciation for goods and the future of them.

This is where HodgePodge comes into the picture. HodgePodge is an on-demand storage and junk removal service. We will help de-clutter your living area and allow you to free yourself for that next adventure. Whether you are finally ready to downsize or are moving away for a period of time, we serve all.HodgePodge will store the goods that you would like stored and bring them back to you upon request.

The remaining goods that are no longer needed will be resold and recycled in order to make less impact on the world, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.


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